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Estate Planning, Wills, and Trusts
The best time to make plans for what will happen to your estate is before you need them. At the Law Office of Dianna M. Sudia Smith, LLC., we tailor wills and other crucial estate planning documents based on your family's needs. Not every law firm will do this; but we will. We know that your family and legacy shouldn't be put into a template. Every family is unique and your estate planning documents should reflect this.
Business Planning, and Contracts
Running a business is not a matter to be undertaken lightly. Our business attorneys are well-trained in business planning as well as business formation. We will help you to develop business strategies that are known to be effective. When you come to us we are fully prepared to advise you and guide you; whether you are establishing a small business or growing your corporation, we will assist you in taking each important step in advancing your business.
Unable To Afford An Attorney Or Want To Do It Yourself?
Consider Purchasing Our Elder Docs Template Package
Ohio Will, Powers of Attorney, Living Will & Much More!
We understand that not everyone needs to sit down with an attorney in order to get their affairs in order. If you already know what you want and don't believe that you want to incur the cost of meeting with an attorney, we do also offer all of our template documents as well as our "A Life Well-Lived" note sheet for a nominal fee. If you would like to learn more, please click on the button below to be taken to the information page.
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