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Welcome to the Millennial Shingle blog! We are so glad that you could join us. We are some of the most enterprising and successful young lawyers in the market, and we have a sense of humor to boot!

We are out there competing in a market with gray-haired old men who should have retired ten years ago, but because they lost their retirement and investment accounts in the recession, they are holding on to their large client bases. In the past, there was a certain withdrawal rate in the legal field whereby the older attorneys retired leaving their clients to gravitate to younger, newer lawyers for their legal needs. But that hasn’t been happening recently. Couple that with more and more people deciding to attend law school because the 2008 recession crashed the job market, leaving many students without employment opportunities, and you have way too many attorneys trying to scoop up as many clients as they can in a market that doesn’t have enough clients to support it.

Our attorneys at the Law Office of Dianna M. Sudia Smith, LLC. know what it means to have to go out and hustle to get our clients. We work every day to get our names out into the community and to be recognized as the lawyers who will provide the most exceptional legal services to our community. Want to know more about the areas we practice in? Check out our website at for more information.